Digitally inspect as-built versus as-designed parts
You design in 3D, so why not inspect in 3D? Geomagic Qualify enables fast, accurate, easy-to-understand graphical comparisons between CAD models and as-built parts for first-article inspection, inline or shop-floor inspection, trend analysis, and in-depth assessment.

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Inspect products in a fraction of the time
With Geomagic Qualify, inspection and approval can
be completed in hours instead of weeks accelerating
time to market, significantly reducing cost and
giving you a measurable competitive advantage
in the design and manufacturing process.

Obtain accurate, certified and tested results
Geomagic Qualify is certified by the PTB (Physikalisch-
Technische Bundesanstalt) and meets the strict quality
standards established by leading manufacturers like
Fiat, General Motors, Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney.

Improve design efficiency
An intuitive user interface guides you through the entire
align, compare, evaluate and report workflow. Graphical
comparisons of “as designed” vs. “as manufactured”
information aids the designer’s understanding of problems,
enabling quicker turnaround time for design changes.

Sustain manufacturing quality in real time
Maintain quality control for in-line production and shopfloor
inspection. Trend analysis enables statistical process
control (SPC) on multiple samples, providing insights into
deviation trends. Deviation color maps allow users to instantly
identify problem areas that can be further analyzed.
  Perform in-depth product and process assessment
Take advantage of Geomagic Qualify’s sophisticated
analysis features including wall thickness, gap and
flush, edge comparison, geometric dimensioning &
tolerancing (GD&T), as well as 2D and 3D dimensioning.
Quickly assess out-of-tolerance conditions to enable
immediate correction to the manufacturing process.

Maximize inspection coverage
For multi-sensor metrology users who want to take advantage
of the combined strengths of 3D scanners and hard
probes, Geomagic Qualify streamlines workflow, improves
alignment accuracy, and provides comprehensive inspection
coverage. A single interface enables users to quickly capture
a full 3D scan of the object and then use a hard probe to
measure hard to reach areas, increase alignment accuracy
or verify measurements of specific features or surfaces.

Collaborate on the inspection process
Generate detailed reports with numeric inspection
data, multiple views, annotated user-defined views,
notes and conclusions. Use Geomagic Review to share
inspection results with engineers, suppliers, partners,
contractors and customers at other physical locations.
Inspect Parts in 4 Easy Steps    
1. Scan and Align   2. Compare
align   compare
Compatible with all popular 3D scanners, digitizers,
and cameras. Import CAD models or use prior scans
for comparison. Define features to align models
using your method of choice (datums, features,
reference point system, 3-2-1 or best fit).
  Graphical displays and annotation tools make firstorder
analysis very simple, while providing accurate
results. Specify graphical annotations to accelerate
correct go/no-go decisions. Facilitate problem
clarification with automatic annotation features.
3. Evaluate   4. Report
eval   report
Create dimensions of any type in 3D, cross-section and
selected regions. Analyze sheet metal features, generate
whisker plots of model cross-sections to assess springback,
cutting errors and perform wall-thickness analysis. Create
and evaluate GD&T callouts with full control over report
displays. Access industry-specific analytical aids including
airfoil and automotive analyses such as Gap & Flush.
  Select from a variety of automatically generated reports
to satisfy customer and regulatory requirements.
Create reports in several formats including HTML,
PDF and MS Word. Export CSV and Unicode data
for use in other applications such as SPC.
Geomagic Qualify Add-Ons    
Geomagic Blade provides specialized features for evaluating, testing and qualifying turbine blades, rotors, stators and
impellers. Geomagic Blade was developed as an extension to Geomagic Qualify based on unique requirements from leaders
in the turbine machinery industry such as Pratt & Whitney, Howmet, PCC Airfoils and Honeywell.
Geomagic CAD Importers allow direct, fast, and high quality import of CAD geometry (individual parts and assemblies) into
Geomagic Qualify, eliminating the need for intermediate neutral files such as IGES or STEP.
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